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Learn to Let Go and Be Happy

You have the power to create unhappiness

You have the power to create happiness

Which will you choose?

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Luminous Mind™

Luminous Mantra™

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Welcome to the Luminous Mantra™ Series

This powerful series of films and audio are experiential guided meditations. This is a simple and effective method that allows you to change your mind, from heavy and uncomfortable states to lighter and happier ones. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or new to this kind of thing, these packages can help you and have been designed to fit easily into your daily routine. You can use Luminous Mantra guided meditations as powerful tools to create inner change and learn how to be peaceful.

By letting go of uncomfortable, heavy and draining feelings you can become freer, lighter and happier.  As you grow the lighter states, your capacity to feel these will increase, the time you can be in them will lengthen and your perception of the world around you will brighten.

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Luminous Mantra Films and Audio are Experiential

Acceptance - Free Film
For full effect, listen with headphones
Acceptance - Alpha - 13 Minutes - Please Wear Headphones
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The Luminous Mantra™ Series is a unique guided meditations online library of 43 films and 56 Mp3 audio files that are designed to help you effortlessly let go of negative feelings such as depression or anxiety.  Each program is designed to gradually and imperceptibly help you to release feelings of discomfort and move to a lighter, easier way of being. With repeated use of the programs, subconcious tendancies can be changed. This means that patterns and habits that don't serve you can be weakened and let go of over time. You can use them as powerful tools to create inner change.They are not lectures, teachings or ideas, however they can support the teachings of others.

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What Would You Like to Let Go?
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What Would You Like to Grow?
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What Would You Like to Grow?
What does each package of guided meditations contain?

Each package contains at least three films and one audio file. The films combine beautiful images with carefully crafted music, narration in English, and Brainwave Entrainment, woven together using the principles of the Golden Ratio. The combination of these elements can provide a powerful, absorbing inner experience that can lead you to deep change of becoming more mindful and peaceful. These are the seeds that will flower into the fruits of your happiness.

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The Main Film in each package is between 20-40 minutes long and comes with a choice: version with Theta Brainwaves and a version without Brainwave Entrainment. For more information on Brainwave Entrainment click here.

The Express Film supports the Main Film and ranges from 8-20 minute long, for use during a busy day. This has Alpha Brainwave Entrainment for mild relaxation.

The Sleep Program further supports your journey and is around 45-60 minutes long. It's an Mp3 file and contains Delta Brainwaves to help you get to sleep while absorbing the narration.

Each package can be worked on for as long as you feel the need, although daily use for 21 days is a good guideline to establish a new way of being. Each package can be used as an stand alone program, and can also be used within the consciousness raising framework that is the Luminous Mantra Seies. These guided meditations are wonderfully simple, profound and accessible. It's easy and free to try. What is there to loose, apart from your troubles? 

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Complements and Supports Other Approaches

Our approach is designed to complement and support other approaches and practices, including counselling, psychotherapy and many forms of spiritual development. No specific beliefs are needed to experience the benefits. The packages support you in letting go of feelings that don't serve you, rather than accumulating more beliefs or information and as such, are effective even if you are new to personal development.

Where to Begin?

With the letting go packages, we recommend you  choose the one that matches how you are feeling and what you intend to let go.  Generally, we recommend letting go of the heavier states before moving on to the packages to help you grow.

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The 8 Elements that Help You to Become Happier
The Eight Elements are the basis for all the Luminous Mantra™ packages and they weave together to help you easily and effortlessly let go into happiness. The packages are experiences rather than teachings, although  they are compatible with many approaches. No beliefs or prior experience is necessary. The methods used in Luminous Mantra™ are compatible with and support the spiritual and pychological journeys of many paths:
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Let go of Uncomfortable Feelings

We offer a simple, powerful method to guide you through the process of letting go. You may have been holding onto feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, grief, self righeousness and wanting for months or even years. By experiencing these packages you may be surprised by how quick and easy it is to let go and how much lighter and happier you will feel.

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Grow Lighter States

Just as it is easy to get stuck in a pattern of feeling low or anxious, it's also possible to reinforce a pattern that feels good. The packages that focus on these are:  Empowerment, Power of Intention, Abundance, Acceptance, and Love.  As you grow these lighter states, your capacity to feel them will increase, the time you can be in them will lengthen and your perception of the world around you will brighten.

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Raise Your Level of Consciousness

When going on a journey it is helpful to have a map to show where you are, where you are going and what to expect along the way. The inner journey is similar and here we use Levels of Consciousness as a framework to structure the packages in the library. This can help you to get a feel for where you are  and see what to expect on your inner journey.   We suggest you use this framework as a working tool to assist in letting go and growing higher states, rather than seeing it as the 'Truth' to be proven or otherwise.

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Make Incremental Steps

Recognising that we change through incremental adjustments, the narration guides you through the process in almost imperceptable steps. Each step is a small and therefore relatively easy adjustment.  Together, they add up to a noticeable change, like water filling a container, drop by drop. To help with this, we have include a useful tool in each package for you to consider using. Please see here: 'Chart My Change'

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Embed Change Through Repetition

Many spiritual traditions teach the power of repeating mantras. Neuro science has confirmed this power by  discovering that repetition of a thought strengthens the neurological pathway relating to that thought. This means that the more you think a thought, the more likely it is to reappear. This happens subconciously, but we can take control of it by repeating  suggestions or mantras. This means you can retrain yourself to feel better.

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Feel Natural Listening to Golden Ratio Audio

The 'Golden Ratio' or 'Divine Proportion' has fascinated mathematicians, biologists, artists musicians, psychologists and even mystics for its widespread appeal. We have used the Golden Ratio in  the repetition and spacing of the mantra statements and the timing of the multilayer sounds that suppport these to produce an experience that sounds profoundly and effortlessly harmonious.

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Boost Brain Receptivity with Binaural Beats

This is a scientifically proven method to quickly take you to helpful states of mind. You have the option of Theta soundtracks to take you into states associated with deep meditation, which is perfect for absorbing the messages within the mantras.  We use Delta in the sleep programs to help you fall asleep while absorbing the mantras. Alpha is used in the shorter programes which allows you to more quickly resume daily activities, while feeling relaxed.

Feel Encouraged With Proven Mindfulness Tools

Sometimes we are aware of strong feelings and can feel overwhelmed by them. We might judge ourselves along the lines that 'I will never change’ or ‘this isn’t working’. By using the 'Chart My Change' PDF that comes with each package, you can be mindful of how your feelings and their intensity change. This can help to put difficult moments into perspective and motivate you to keep going. You don't have to complete these charts for the benefits of the recordings to help you. Just by listening to them the effects will take place, however the charts can help like a diary, in being able to see how far you have come.

These all Combine to Support You Realize Your Happiness Within

Many of us were taught that happiness comes from external things such as people, places and possessions. But these come and go and the happiness they bring is only a period of respite from wanting more. Soon enough, we will be back wanting something else and feeling our happiness is dependent upon it. By letting go of the outer search, we discover that happiness, bliss and light are the very essence of our nature and who we are. Then, we can experience happiness in every moment.

The Luminous Mantra™ Course

The packages in the Luminous Mantra™ Series can be accessed as a course to systematically let go of 'negative' states and grow 'positive' ones. The series has been designed so that you can work through each package sequentially. Each package supports the next and enables a natural onwards progression, in timescales that work for you.


The course is  based on a widely used Levels of Conciousness framework, which makes it clearer to see the journey as you become more mindful, happier and peaceful in yourself.

You can  subscribe to the course and recieve a new package via email every month, supporting you to experience the benefits systematically, deepening experience and becoming lighter and happier as you go. The Course costs USD20 per month (cancel anytime) for 14 months.

After 14 months of  watching and listening to the materials each day, you will feel extraordinarily light and free.


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