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The Inspiration behind Luminous Mind™

Luminous Mind has been developed as a labour of love by co-founders Simon and Martin.


It is a synthesis of their explorations of Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist Sutra and Tantra,Yoga and various modern psychologies.

With gratitude to the wisdom and teachers that have inspired Luminous Mind.

The Buddha, the Vedas, Christian mystics, Sufism and the modern examples of Realisation in Ramana Maharshi, Robert Adams, Lester Levenson, Amma and many more.

May you find happiness and the light within.

The Contributors

Simon is a co-founding contributor to the project. He plays many of the Indian and South American instruments on the soundtracks and is narrater of the Mantra Meditations.


At an early age he read the words ’The kingdom of heaven is within” and has been seeking ever since. His search continued through his career as a  psychotherapist, published researcher and eventually Commissioner of Mental Health services, until he came to the understanding that the answers he sought were not found in evidence based research, but in the perennial truths of states of mind that are beyond self orientated perception. He has been dedicated to his meditation practice for many years, regularly embarking on month long meditation retreats. 

Martin contributed to the Luminous Mantra and Crystal Transmissions Series as composer and sound technician.


His sense of alienation from ordinary life set in from an early age and his experience was characterised by fleeting glimpses of the transcendental, contrasted with depression and a crushing sense of the futility of ordinary life.  Throughout his exploration of different spiritual paths David has continually deepened his meditation practice and learnt to let go of his depression. His deep transformative experiences are reflected in the Mantra Meditations.

Genevre Jolie has shared her inspired playing of amazing and rare Crystal Singing Bowls on Luminous Minds soundtracks to help you tune into the higher states of consciousness.


She discovered the incredible energies of the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls in 2010 and began an all encompassing journey into uncovering the healing potential of Crystal Sound Vibration. As the UKs premier Crystal Bowl importer she sources unique and beautiful bowls, empowering others to use these profound healing tools in their personal and professional practice.  Over the years Genevra has shared the Crystal Singing Bowls with thousands of people, facilitating workshops and events both in the UK and abroad.

Siobhan Swider is a freelance harpist and sound healer. Her sublime playing features on many of the meditations.

Siobhan studied the harp at The University of Michigan and at Trinity College of Music, London.  As a classical harpist, Siobhan has performed at prestigious venues and events for notaries such as Nelson Mandela and HRH The Queen. She has performed with numerous orchestras such as The City of Moscow Ballet, London Sinfonia and The Amadeus Orchestra throughout the UK, India, Europe and the USA. Siobhan has always had a strong interest in alternative medicine and  is a fully qualified acupuncturist.  Bridging the links between the mindy/body connection and music, Siobhan’s journey led her to study kirtan with Nikki Slade and sound healing with Tim Wheater and Cherub Sanson.

Narayani provides powerful and heartfelt vocalisations to the Luminous Mind audio tracks to help you quickly and deeply connect with emotions as you release them.


Narayani is known for her powerful devotional singing and for facilitating voicework that opens the heart and encourages our highest expression. Over the last 10 years, her journey of yoga led her to discover her own resonant voice. Leading her first Kirtan had such a profound and transformative impact on her life that she chose to offer that same gift to others through Kirtan and voice workshops around the world. Narayani studied voice work with Chloe Goodchild and the Naked Voice and has learnt yoga and trained as a teacher in the lineage of Krishnamacharya and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.  Narayani leads Kirtan with her husband Mat Baker as Bhavana.

Sheila contributes heartfelt vocalisations that weave through the narration of some of the Luminous Mantra packages to help the listener tune into emotions and let them go. In some of the later packages, she offers sounds that can help the listener to tune into the feeling of love.



There was a time in her life when Sheila felt lost and confused. She yearned to find her voice and speak her truth. On this journey she discovered the heart opening practice of Kirtan, a form of yoga for the voice, in which a group of people chant devotional songs. She went deeper into the exploration by doing voice-work with Narayani, where she learnt the practise of listening to the heart, body and soul and expressing that through singing. This practise of deep listening to what is here now and allowing that to be, helped her to find her voice, speak her truth, and express different types of emotions through vocalisation. 


If you would like to contact Sheila regarding vocal recordings please email

Ieva  joined the Luminous Mind family as a marketing manager to spread our message and help the world hear about these transformational programs.


Her marketing career started 5 years ago and she was sure that in this field she could appreciate endless creativity. Besides her career in marketing, Ieva follows the path of Siddha yoga, where a central element is shaktipat-diksha, 'initiation by descent of divine power'.


Over the years Ieva was determined to combine her two passions - marketing and meditation practices. Therefore, when she joined the Luminous Mind family, she instantly knew that this is something incredibly special to dedicate herself to.

If you would like to contact Ieva regarding the marketing of Luminous Mind, please email:

Ananda Vdovic is an artist, singer, visionary painter, architectural artist and meditation teacher. 
Originally from Germany, she has been a teacher of Meditation and Advanced Courses throughout Europe and in Asia for thousands of people. Her knowledge of Vedic literature and philosophy is extensive. 
Her work in architecture design can be seen at the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore. 

Ananda is well known for her inspired Mother Goddess and Madonna paintings, which shine with an illuminated beauty and can be seen on her website Currently some originals are available or can be commissioned directly from her. 

Her music - "Sacred Chants of Devi" and "Durga - Mantras for Protection" create a peaceful atmosphere and are bestsellers in devotional spiritual meditative music. They are available on 

Her greatest joy is to worship the Divine through painting, poetry, chanting and music. The beauty & subtlety of her expressions reflect the inner peace of many decades of meditation practise. 

Anandas' famous Devi Prayer and some of her Mantra recordings are used in the Yogi Subliminals™ Series. Ananda also offers unique spoken Invokations at the beginning of these subliminal recordings.

Our Mission

Luminous Mind’s mission is to help people let go and feel happier through its guided meditations.

10% of profits are dedicated to charity in order to help reduce suffering.

 Charities have been selected using Maslows hierachy of needs; provision for basic physical needs, help with safety, social and esteem issues and support for self-actualisation.

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