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How to Let Go

Using the Luminous Mantra Series

Luminous Mind™

Luminous Mantra™

Good for Everyone

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Easy to Use

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Luminous Mantra™ is a simple and powerful method that helps you to change your mind, from heavy and uncomfortable states to lighter and happier ones. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or new to this kind of thing, these packages can help you and have been designed to fit easily into your daily routine.

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Each Package Contains:

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The Main Film comes with two versions: one with Theta Binaural Beats and one without. If you like Binaural Beats, this is the better one to choose because the Theta sounds will attune your brain to a state of coherence between the left and right hemispheres and entrain a state equivalent to deep meditation. This has the benefit of allowing the meaning of the narration to soak in and create new neural pathways more quickly. If you have to drive or operate safety critical equipment soon after listening, the Main Film without Binaural Beats is the recommended choice.

The Express Version is much shorter than the Main Film and is designed to be used as a quick top up if you don't have much time. It is less powerful than the Main Film because it is shorter and includes Alpha Binaural Beets which are relaxing rather the taking you deeper in the way Theta does. Alpha is associated with a calm relaxed state of mind, and you will be able to resume daily activities more quickly. Using the Express Version is better than not listening to any of the material when you maybe busy.

The Sleep Program is an audio only version and can help you gently drift off with the aid of Delta Binaural Beats. Delta brainwaves are produced when the brain is in deep sleep, so listening to Delta Binaural Beats will entrain your brain into that state. While you are sleeping your brain will hear and absorb the mantra messages and create corresponding new neural pathways. The script for the Sleep Programs only focuses on the desired states and does not contain letting go suggestions, so that you are less stimulated before sleep.


Guidelines for Getting the Most

from These Packages:

Set aside the time you need when you will not be disturbed. Sit or lay down and make yourself comfortable. Choose the film or audio that you feel is appropriate for the time you have available. We have designed the package to fit into your day.

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Charting Your Change

To see how much you have let go

Each Luminous Mantra™ package comes with a PDF file to help you be aware of how you are feeling and how this changes over time. Often we aware of strong feelings, and at this time we can feel overwhelmed by them, sometimes judging ourselves along the lines that 'I will never change'.  By  following the instructions, you can be mindful of how your feelings change and how their intensity changes too. You don't have to complete these charts for the benefits of the programs to help you. The charts help like a diary, in being able to help you see how far you have come. Full guidelines on how to use this powerful tool are in the PDF.

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Example luminous mantra blank

Before you begin watching or listening, ask yourself 'How am I feeling now?'

Take a moment to notice your body, emotions and thoughts.

Prepare to let go of any feelings and thoughts you would like to be free of.

 Close your eyes if you wish.If you listen through headphones, (which are necessary for the Binaural Beats to work),adjust the volume to your comfort.


During the film or audio, please breathe naturally and gently extend the length of your breath.


When it is finished, take some deep breaths and drink waterto reorientate yourself to your environment.

Then once again just check in with yourself, 'How am I feeling now?'

Take a moment to notice how different you feel.

If you wish, you can use the 'Chart My Change' Frequency and Intensity charts to track your progress.

If you can, watch or listen once each to the Express Version, the Main Film and the Sleep Program. The more you expose your  mind to the messages, the more neuroplasticity will re-align to create and establish the change you want. It's important to watch or listen to one of the programs at least once a day.

Continue to use the recordings daily until you the change you want. For a long term issue that is well established,
this will take longer than something with less momentum behind it. We suggest that you watch or listen daily for a minimum of 21 days and longer if needed.

Before listening to Binaural Beats, please read the cautions here:

Please do not drive or operate equipment after listening to
Binaural Beats recordings until you feel safe to do so.

Feel free to use the following Mantra throughout your day:
'I AM lighter and happier, I am'.

Chart How to
What Would You Like to Let Go?
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What Would You Like to Grow?
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