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'Films and audio to help you learn to let go and be happy'

We are very excited to offer the chance to subscribe monthly to The Luminous Mind™ Library - a collaboration of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Luminous Mind™ - and have instant access to all the Crystal Transmissions™ recordings and the Luminous Mantra™ films and audio to stream.

Monthly Subscription for $22 or €19 or £17 includes: All Crystal Transmissions™ Recordings and The Luminous Mantra™ Films and Audio.


  • Access all Luminous Mantra™Packages

  • Access all Crystal Transmissions™ Series

  • 2 day free trial

  • Cancel anytime

  • Unlimited streaming

  • Stream on any device

  • New content added regularly

  • New content viewable with existing subscription

  • Sales tax/VAT included in price

Choose the currency you wish to subscribe in :




  • The Crystal Transmissions are an extensive and bespoke collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, chosen for their unique woven interaction of sound, light, tone and material, creating a harmonised crystal symphony catalysing transformation and integration for the mind body and spirit. 


  • The Luminous Mind Mantra Meditations are a series of easy to use guided meditations designed to help you effortlessly let go of painful thoughts and feelings.  Each meditation package focuses on releasing one particular emotion or state of mind using a number of powerful scientifically proven tools.   Affirmations and Binaural Beats are interwoven in each meditation according to the rules of the Golden Ratio.  Simply tuning into the relaxing guided meditation audio and video on a daily basis will help you release unwanted emotions and move to a lighter, happier way of being. 

  • The Luminous MInd™ guided meditations enable you to glide effortlessly into the depths of your subconscious mind where deep seated changes can occur. The use of Binaural Beats creates different states of Brainwave Entrainment which enhance your ability to absorb the mantras with ease.  Each meditation is available with Alpha, Theta or Delta Brainwaves (and a version with no Binaural Beats) so you can use the meditations at different times of day and when going to sleep to deeply embed subconscious change. 

  • The Letting Go Meditations will help you let go of unhelpful or negative thought patterns and release painful feelings.  The Grow meditations will take you into higher, more positive states of mind.  The entire Luminous Mantra™ Series is designed as a systematic path to help raise your consciousness by letting go of heavy states of mind and accessing your innate inner peace.  Let go of Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Fear.   Grow Acceptance, Abundance, Love, Peace and Bliss. 


"I just played the recording whilst laying with the children for their bedtime tonight... I have felt quite frazzled today & Sky was upset this evening and Luca couldn’t sleep... bedtime was about to become meltdown time when felt to put the recording on and it was our saving grace!! We all settled and relaxed and became peaceful, it was wonderful. I could feel the energies in my body and I feel softened and supported in a gentle, nourishing and nurtured way. Exactly what we all needed! What a wonderful transmission! Thank you!!!!!"

 - Rachel, Mother

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