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Wanting to Contentment

Finding Satisfaction Within

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A Guided Meditation Package: Wanting to Contentment

Desire can be felt as a mild wanting through to strong craving and addiction. This can be experienced as greed, obsession, compulsiveness, an inability to stop, selfishness, lust, and  insatiability. Wanting and desire can lead to addiction to cigarettes, food, sex, alcohol, gambling, drugs, shopping and risk taking. These reactions and behaviors are based on the idea that satisfaction or happiness is gained through grasping at experiences outside of ourselves. Wanting something, when we examine it carefully, is actually a feeling of dissatisfaction in the present. In other words we are robbing ourself of peace now by wanting something in the future. By watching this package, you can learn to let go of wanting and gain the deeper satisfaction of simply being. This package is not a substitute for the treatment of clinical addictions, but can be an additional support to specialist programs.

This Luminous Mantra™ Package works by combining:

Let go of Uncomfortable Feelings

Repetition Embeds Change 

Golden Ratio Audio 

Proven Mindfulness Tools

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Make Small Incremental Steps

Grow Lighter States

Binaural Beats for Optimal Receptivity

Part of a Complete Levels of Consciousness Series

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Free Sample

Please enjoy this 4 minute free sample. It is a clip from the end of the Wanting to Contentment Main Film,

to give you a feel for the content.

Wanting to Contentment - Finding Satisfaction Within
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This Package Contains:

The three films and four audio files included in this package have been designed to give you flexability in when you can use them. This package also contains a 12 page PDF, giving guidelines on how to experience the change you are seeking. For more information about how to let go using this package, how to use this program and guidelines about using Binaural Beats, click the button below.

The Main Film

(28 minutes) and its equivalent audio file is the program we recommend you use every day. This version includes Theta Binaural Beats, which allow you to experience deep meditation and absorb the messages more easily.

The Main Film

(28 minutes) and its equivalent audio file is the program we recommend you use every day. This version does not include Binaural Beats. Guidelines for using Binaural Beats are on the 'How To' page.

The Express Film

(11 minutes), and its equivalent audio file, is shorter for when you have less time. It comes with Alpha Binaural Beats which are relaxing and allow you to resume daily acivities more quickly.

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The Sleep Program

(45 minutes), is an audio file that helps you to get off to sleep and listen to the content while you are sleeping. 

Chart my Change

(a PDF document) helps you to be aware of how your experience is changing over time. 

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Wanting to Contentment Package



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Charting My Change

The PDF file that comes with this package is designed to help you increase awareness of how you are feeling and how this changes as you use this package. We are often aware of strong feelings, which may feel overwhelming. This can lead to self critisism and the sense that change isn't happening. By following the process described in 'Chart My Change' you develop mindfulness of how your feelings and their intensity change. The process helps like a diary can help, in being able to see how far you have come. You don't have to complete these charts for the benefits of the recordings to help you.

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