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Heart Ache to Heart Open

Into every life comes profound feelings of loss, abandonment, feeling foresaken and painful heartbreak. This can be the source of our 'core wound' or our 'core fear' and we can find ourselves both yearning for love and shying away from pain that we may fear  inevitably comes from our intimate human connections. This package can help you to heal your heart ache and encourages you to open up to even greater

depths of love with an open and loving heart.

Intention: “I wish to be heal this aching heart and live with an open, loving heart”

Prayer: " Please help me to heal this aching heart and live with an open loving heart"

Graditude: "Thank you for healing this heart"

Manifestation: " I AM healed open and Loving, I AM"






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All beautiful female face artwork on this page is by Ananda Vdovic.

Ananda's paintings have great power because the images she paints are recieved during deep meditation. Thier purpose is to raise the energy in your home and to uplift your consciousness. They help to awaken and develop the divine energy within each of us.

You can order Anandas artwork from:

All artwork copyright © 2018, Ananda Vdovic. All rights reserved.

The artwork on this website is protected under the international copyright laws for intelectual property - therefore it may not be reproduced, used, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission from the artist: Ananda Vdovic.

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